Weekend debrief

What a fun weekend.  The weather was brilliant, some lovely fluffy snow in the mornings which then vanished to leave the rest of the days a little cold but sunny and dry.  On Saturday afternoon me and the kids made water bottle rockets and a launcher, then went down the park and had loads of fun shooting stuff into the sky.  I’ll do a little how to on how to make some simple but decent ones in case anyone fancies trying it themselves.  It really is great fun building and launching these with the kids and dare I say it, even a little educational. Anyone with a family give it a go!


Also had a run round the lawmonwealth with the guys which was great fun albeit with terrible chat.  Big thanks to Andy the butcher for loaning me a seatpost so I could go out.  However, I sorely missed my Reverb.  You just don’t realise how much you actually use the thing.  I felt like I was forever getting off the bike to drop and raise my saddle.  To make matters worse all the guys had theirs and were delighting in showing me how they worked, over and over again. Cheers lads. 


A quick update for the ten speed kit… It really is going great.  Despite very little maintenance and lots of muddy runs the shifting is still crisp as ever and the gear range on the cassette virtually rules out using the granny ring at all. (I’m running 38-24 at the front) The setup seems to cope really well with getting splattered by lots of sticky mud and crud even in the smaller cogs.  If I’m really fault finding the only slight little niggle is that, as I mentioned in my earlier review, the zee shifter doesn’t fit quite right with the xt brake so the angle is slightly off through the throw of the shift lever. Overall, wouldn’t upgrade if your 9 speed kit has life left in it, but if you’re due to replace your drivetrain parts it well worth the upgrade 4espicially as it doesn’t cost any more to do so.  Still impressed.



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