Post Post Blues


Post Post Blues

Ah well my little reverbs’ back off down to Fishers for the second time in two years.  The first time after about 6 months it lost all air and sank down to the bottom of its travel.   A year and a bit later from then and it’s started to act like a suspension seatpost, albeit only using about 10mm of travel but, I expect it’ll probably have gotten worse.  They reckon a seals gone and air is getting into the oil chamber and that’s why its squishing when I sit on it instead of remaining rigid.  Either that or I’m putting on some serious beef.  Anyway it is off and I’m left with no seatpost so cannae go proper biking on thursday or sunday.  Time to get the stinky out and up tinto then!

Its really annoying that’s its having to go back again as despite the issues its been brilliant.  One of those things that has really made a difference to my riding pleasure. No more off the bike to drop the seat for the downhills, then getting off again at the bottom and trying to get it the right height and straight.  We have to do that loads at the lawmonwealth. Running flatties its also really handy to drop the saddle a touch for bumpy pedally bits where you need that to be able to peddle and keep a decent bend in your legs so your feet don’t bounce off. Really truly a great innovation.   However now I’ve always got that inkling that it going to go again at some point.  Maybe if sram advised on service intervals for it, it may well stop issues like this where maybe some grease on an o-ring periodically would sort it.  Especially in our muddy moist climate. I know they’ve released a service video for it but you kinda get the impression they’d rather you didn’t touch it.

Anyway the long and the short is I’m just having a wee moan and I’d much rather have one than not.  I’d still recommend getting one as mine is of the first generation and the newer ones are meant to have stamped out all these issues.  I’d also have to say the service from Fishers is very very good.  The people are great to deal with, very knowledgable and they’re honest about turnaround times. Also the warranty is worldwide – I bought mine in America and can still return it to any fisher dealer in the u.k as long as I have proof of purchase.

I’ll put little update out one the post is returned with the full details of the issues and see if the haribo tangfastics worked their magic. We shall wait for the return of the post… by post.


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