Bodged – Front Wheel truing stand


Front Wheel truing stand – 25 minutes

What you will need for this version

  • 2×6 section of wood about a metre long.
  • Jigsaw.
  • Drill.
  • 5 screws 4 long 1 short.
  • Flat section of metal at least 3 inches long.
  • Old rear Quick release.
  • Wheel.

O.k. budget bodgers here is my first attempt at a front wheel truing stand on the cheap.  This is a quick build for when the wife has just popped out for something and you can sneak out to the shed for half an hour instead of doing your chores. If you’ve got more time you could probably refine the lateral wobble adjusters a bit more so you don’t need a screwdriver to adjust them. As it is though it works just fine and does all that you will require required of it. The next effort will also try and accommodate rear wheels as they are a wee bit wider.

  1. Measure the width of your hub from edge of axle to edge of axle. My 20mm Hub was 110mm.  This is 40mm shorter than the width of the 2×6. Lay the 2×6 down flat and measure in  20mm from each end and mark .  ( If you also have 15mm or qr wheels you are going to use in this I believe they are 100mm width. If you have all three wheels like me I would kid on the hub width was 105mm as the wood has a decent bit of give and you’ll be able to fit em all in)
  2. Measure the radius of your wheel (from centre of hub to the outer edge of the rim.) Take this measurement and add on 60mm .  Take this and measure down the length of the 2×6  and mark . Measure in the 20mm at both sides at the length of this mark.
  3. Using your measurements draw a u shape on the wood and using the jigsaw cut the U shape from the wood.
  4. Measure 5 inches from the bottom of the U up the 2×6 and mark and straight line across the wood as you are going to cut it here.
  5. Change the angle of the jigsaw so it it cuts through the wood at about 25 degrees.
  6. The U shape will hold your wheel and the offcut will be the base of your stand. Put the U and the Base together so that the angle of the cut and the angle of the U match up. It should look like an upside down 7. Using two of the longer screws attach the two parts together. (It would be a good idea to drill pilot holes for theses screws at this point).
  7. Now at the top of the U we need to drill two holes for the Quick release to go through. Measure down 15mm and in 15mm on each side of the U and drill a 6 mm hole through either side. Test your QR goes through o.k. if not widen the hole with a bigger drill.
  8. Fit your wheel to the stand and tighten the qr enough to hold the wheel in place.  This is where we are going to use the remaining long screws to use as lateral wobble adjusters. Mark on the stand the middle of the rim or edge of the rim sits and screw the long screws in  till they touch the rim from either side.  The scres are your adjusters you just need to use a screwdriver to move these in and out as required.
  9. We are now going to fit the rim height adjuster using the remaining little screw and length of metal. (u can use wood but it doesn’t move as easy as the metal with enough screw tension to hold it tight) Drill a hole in the top left of the metal wide enough for the screw. The metal should be long enough to touch at least one side of the rim. Hold the length of metal so it is parallel with the bottom of the rim and attach the metal using the little screw in the hole you have just drilled. Tighten it enough that its easy to move the metal up and down but it stays where it is when you leave it.  This lets you take any high spots out the wheel.
  10. Spin the wheel. That’s it done!!!



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